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Evans Trigon Plus Unperfumed...

Evans Trigon Plus Unperfumed Bactericidal Hand Wash 500ml

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Proven bactericidal liquid hand wash. Removes visible soiling and simultaneously kills a wide range of bacteria.

• Passes EN 1499: tested on volunteers hands.

• Added moisturisers leave the hands soft and smooth.

• Ideal when frequent hand washing is necessary.

• Unperfumed, therefore suitable wherever food is prepared or served.

• Ideal in healthcare, nursing homes and wherever hand hygiene is of the utmost importance.

• Complies with Cosmetic Regulations.

HAND WASHING: Wet hands. Apply 2 pumps of product (min 3 ml) from the EVANS EVOLVE DISPENSER or the 500 ml pump dispenser bottle. Spread over hands and forearms. Rub hands together for 1 minute paying special attention to cuticles and in between fingers. Rinse in clean water and dry hands thoroughly

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