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Kleen-wave Urinal Screen Tutti Frutti Blue
Kleen-wave Urinal Screen Tutti Frutti Blue

Kleen-wave Urinal Screen Tutti Frutti Blue

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Let people remember your washrooms for all the right reasons. Keep the bad smells away and your users happy with every visit. Keep the cleaners happy with less cleaning up. These fantastic fragranced urinal anti-splash mats are the best option for a cleaner, fresher and more hygienic washroom.

Available in five colours / fragrances, Kleen-wave urinal Anti-splash screens are made from a very hard-wearing but extremely flexible material and will fit any urinal including waterless.

They last for a minimum of one month but probably longer dependent upon usage.

Longer bristles impregnated with more odour eliminating power helps keep your Washrooms smelling fresher and cleaner for longer. The longer bristles also help reduce splashback from urinal operation. Helps to minimise clean up within the area.

Reduces the problem of blocked drains from discarded items such as chewing gum, cigarette butts and toilet tissue.

COMBATS UNPLEASANT SMELLING ODOURS WITHOUT THE NEED FOR TOILET DISINFECTING BLOCKS. Our urinal mats provide a very effective alternative to the usual 'toss blocks'. They are hard-wearing and are very easily monitored thanks to the easy to use calendar date tags located around the side. Pull off the date the screen will need to be changed, it's that easy.

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