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Individually Wrapped Wooden...
Individually Wrapped Wooden...

Individually Wrapped Wooden Chopsticks 8" (21cm)

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Pack of 100


Made from high-quality natural bamboo, these disposable round chopsticks splinter-free. Each pair of chopsticks comes in their own sleeve.

Chinese traditional standard length (21cm) and lightweight. Non-slip,anti-hot,easy to hold.Perfect for the beginner. Ideal for adults or children uses in Chinese food, salad, hot pot, Japanese cuisine, sushi, noodle soup, Korean BBQ, Pho etc.

Pack of 100 x Pairs of Disposable Chopsticks Individually Wrapped

Every bamboo Chopsticks is carefully selected, no splinters, safe to use, as well as biodegradable for eco-friendly.

Made of Sustainable sourced Bamboo.

Cost per Unit 5.2c

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